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PreEminent Peignoirs


2021  Collections

La Love Démone
Angel Dust
Cloud Souls
Gold Filigree upon Chi City
Oshun’s Angels

          Each Garment is made with 100% Silk. Each one has custom textiles and are detailed with vintage, ethically sourced and reclaimed fringes & trims. The textile design process starts with hand drawings, or documentary photographs taken by the artist. The drawings and photos are dropped into the virtual and used as sacred raw material to create collages and lush patterns or prints, incapsulating a plethora of eclectic signs and symbols. Each narrative textile panel as well as each finished Peignoir are limited editioned, worqs of fine art.

                                  ~Bespoke garments are also offered after an initial conceptual and style consultation.


        “Corona Sublime”  is a fashion vision made up of  demi-couture looks. Each statement consists of a silk dressing gown or Peignoir. Each piece is created from custom designed textiles from the eyes, hands & mind of  la PrisEm themself.



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