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Meet the PrisEm

"Laser light through the 👁 & hand a of the Infinite ♾ PrisEm 🌈  demi~couture, disco loungewear, A line inspired by fringe movements in the city of Chi."

Em is a Chicago-based performer, film-maker and social practice fashion designer. They grew up in Louisiana and were inspired by the lush natural beauty of the swamplands, as well as the colorful mystique of Mardi Gras. She spent her childhood dressing her siblings in her unique creations.

During their adolescent years, they spent their evenings watching Project Runway with a group of friends. Together they designed and produced their own fashion lines, in what is now called the Spectrum Fashion Show. This show has become an annual event at their former high school.

Em has achieved a Master's Degree in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a BFA in Filmmaking and New Media from the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI). 

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          Infinite PrisEm was created to encapsulate the healing power of Art as a form of conscious commerce. These garments embody opportunities to inspire, elevate, educate & create. Not only does this attire of precious artwork display beauty but they also tell a narrative. Throughout the various fringes and textiles amongst the Infinite PrisEm you will find love, opulence, and a  transcendence of Chicago. A crucible of life if you will. The infinite PrisEm was created to represent diversity in Art and post traumatic healing. Displaying expressions of gratitude and love for one another. Art is meant to be a form of encouragement and empowerment.  Just like the quality that is produced throughout this fashion line. Life is meant to be pleasurable, beautiful, and comforting.

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